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We at Desire Technologies believe that the adult entertainment needs to change to better fit our society. We see romance and intimacy in a new way: smart, fun, with gender equality and fueled by true love.

That's why we created our first app: Desire, a game for couples that uses gamification to spice up their relationship.

Welcome to the new era of adult games.
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Against your partner

You and your partner will compete to get more points, reach higher levels and be able to send spicier dares.

Categories of dares

Outdoor, Role Play, Kitchen…

Choose dares from different categories and send the ones you like the most to your partner. There are more than 40.000 dares to choose from!

Get points

When completing a dare

After completing a dare, your partner gets points. When your partner dares you and you complete the dare, you get the points!

Accept dares

And have fun

Complete each dare on time and score to be the winner! Score points and keep adding fun to the relationship!

User rating: 4.5!

"★★★★★ We're so competitive, I love the point system. The dares are so fun and some can be challenging, but trying something new with my partner is always fun. We're already an amazing couple but this makes things even better."

- Sarah D.

"★★★★★ Awesome, this App is really cool. My wife and I send dares while I am at work and when I get home We complete them every night since we downloaded it."

- Robert R.

"★★★★★ Sugar & Spice! My husband and I have been members for about a week and it has brought nothing but love into our marriage. Helps you remember some of the reasons you love someone!"

- Chelsea L.

"★★★★★ This has really helped me and my boyfriend get to know each other in so may ways I had never thought possible!"

- Vero A.

"★★★★★ Love the fact that you can send dirty little messages to each other, and know to open it discreetly because it's from desire. We're having tons of fun with the dares. We make plans around the dares we give each other and it just adds that much more to look forward to."

- Jonny D.

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